Erica Swenson | Office Manager

Erica Swenson

Our Office Manager, Erica Swenson wears many hats.  She works hard to make sure that clients feel comfortable when they enter the Swenson Law Firm. She makes sure that you are offered the simple pleasures, like a nice cool drink or a hot cup of tea. Erica works in accounting and billing. If you have any questions as to how billing is done at the Swenson Law Firm, Erica is the one to ask.

Erica earned her Bachelor of Science in Geography from The University of Utah (although she also has a comically awful sense of direction). With having lived in eight different states and three foreign countries, and a desire to learn about new cultures and languages, geography is the perfect fit. University of Utah is also where she met the love of her life, Sam Swenson.

When not working for The Swenson Law Firm, Erica stays busy raising four beautiful and talented daughters. She enjoys hiking, camping, and backpacking.

Undergraduate Education

University of Utah

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