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Probate in Sacramento

The Probate Court oversees the probate process. In Sacramento County, the Probate Court is located on Power Inn Road. The probate court in Sacramento County and other counties divides the property of someone who is deceased. They oversee the distribution of assets and the payments of liabilities, which includes payment of debts and distribution of [..]

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Executor of a Will or An Estate: 3 Helpful Tips

As an executor of a Will or an Estate, you are responsible for assets getting to the correct beneficiaries. This is a large job, that usually comes while still in grieving. To accurately do the job, you need to be organized and pay attention to details. This job can easily become overwhelming. Here are three [..]

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Why do I want to Avoid the Probate Process?

One of the main reasons people create estate plans is to avoid the probate process. But, what does this really mean and how does it benefit your family? Probate is the legal process used by courts to administer the estate of a deceased individual. During the probate process, all claims made against the estate are [..]

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